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Scythe course Richmond Yorkshire
Just the Job is a charity and social enterprise empowering adults with disabilities to achieve their potential by doing valuable work in the community. This weekend I travelled up to their site in Richmond, North Yorkshire to teach some of their volunteers how to use an Austrian scythe.
It’s great to work with groups like this as they can immediately start to support each other learning the skills by doing them together.
How to set up a scythe How to set up a scythe
Sharpening was next. We were joined by Emily who is just about to start studying conservation at university so I hope she will continue using her scything skills in that.
Sharpening a scythe in Yorkshire How to sharpen an Austrian scythe
Their wildflower meadow hadn’t been cut for a year so was overgrown and tangled in places but I showed the group how to work through those difficult areas using the scythe with less effort. We left the burnet to continue to develop its seeds while mowing the rest of the meadow.
Scythe course Richmond Yorkshire
We then ended the day with a session on how to peen an Austrian scythe using the peening jig. It seems like Steve and Trevor will be taking on this task for the group so I made sure they got some hands-on practise with it.
Learning to peen a scythe in Yorkshire
Just the Job are keen to develop links with other people using scythes in their area so get in touch with Steve or Bridgette if you’re interested.

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