Ross Poldark Scything

Ros Poldark scytheLast night, viewers in the UK were treated to episode 3 of Poldark, a BBC tv drama featuring a scene with the main character, Ross Poldark, hard at work with his scythe.
Working hard he certainly was but there seemed very little in the way of results all his effort, no wonder he looked exhausted.
Now, I’m fully aware that the programme is a fictional drama rather than farming documentary and I’m not criticising the actors, however it’s always disappointing when traditional skills are badly portrayed as being inefficient, ineffective or worse. I would have been happy to give the actors some instruction so as to make the scene more believable and show them the satisfaction and relaxing efficiency of scything, as I do on my Learn to Scythe courses.
You can see Ross Poldark at work on iplayer for the next month (skip to 52min for the scythes) or enjoy this short film of real mowing in Cumbria.

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0 Responses to Ross Poldark Scything

  1. jeffreykeys says:

    I wholeheartedly agree Steve. Thanks for openly challenging the prejudice that new technology is necessarily better. Also, I might try a touch of henna shading in my next promotional shoot.

  2. Damien says:

    How do you get such a perfectly flat grass field? I share my grass with moles, mice and ant colonies and without heavy equipment leveling the past years it will never be flat.

    • Steve Tomlin says:

      The ground is good but not perfectly flat, Damien, my scythe follows the contours and adapts for obstructions in a way machines don’t. Fortunately we don’t have anthills but there are molehills, which I simply mow around, and lots of other creatures living in the orchard – we like it like that.

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