QEST Scholar

The news arrived last night that I have been selected for my Queen Elizabeth Scholarship. I am very excited.
Fritiof RunhallIt means I have the funding to spend 3 weeks in Sweden working and studying with Fritiof Runhall learning about greenwood carving, design, decoration techniques and whatever else we get excited by during the time. I’m especially keen to do some bowl carving with him, explore ideas for my own makers mark and, of course, carve spoons. Fritiof has been an inspiration for me since I did a short spoon carving masterclass with him in 2011
In amongst that, the scholarship will  enable me to visit several museums in the area as well as Skansen open-air museum and the Nordic Museum in Stockholm to research their collections of woodenware as inspiration for my work, spend a day with Ramon Persson, a maker of wonderful birch bark boxes, see craftwork on sale in specialist shops and hopefully enjoy the Swedish countryside. I’m going to be visiting, seeing, talking about and making as much woodwork as I can fit in with some amazing craftspeople, to improve my skills and open new avenues for my work.
In addition, I hope to use the connection with QEST to promote not only my own work but greenwood carving in general to a much wider audience as a contemporary, high-skill craft. I feel very honoured to have been selected as the list of scholars is full of makers with great talent.
There’s lots to prepare now as I can’t wait to get there!

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  1. That’s great. Sounds like a dream come true. Fritiof is one of my favorite carvers. Best wishes, Steve.

  2. Nathan Wolfenbarger says:

    Congratulations Steve! I hope you have a great time.

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