Peening Day 2014

I don’t know if it’s because of the long wet winter but spring has sneaked up on me this year and it’s almost International Peening Day again!
If you went on a scythe course last year or bought a scythe you were hopefully told how important peening the blade is and given some instruction on how to do it. On my courses I demonstrate the peening jig which is the method I recommend for most people though you may also have a hammer and anvil.
Whichever method you’re using April 6th 2014 is the day to dust off your scythe, clean it up, peen and sharpen the edge so you’re ready for the coming season (or to put it to bed if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere).
As always, this is an ‘everywhere’ event in that it’s not hosted anywhere in particular so feel free to get together with a couple of scythe friends at your own place and peen blades together, that way it’s more fun and you can help each other out. If previous years are anything to go by you’ll be peening in the company of folk from around the world – feel free to send me your photos like this one of my friends Andy & Ellie from Derbyshire.
Peening Day 2013

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  1. christianelaganda says:

    And i thought it would be 1st of April every year – instead it is the first Sunday in April. Have a few to do this year …. lucky me, lots of practise time 🙂

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