New Cherry Eating Spoons

Cherry eating spoonsI’m really pleased with these new eating spoons. I’ve been refining the shapes and style for a long time now and finally happy with the combination of simplicity and design in these.
The generous teardrop bowl is really satisfying, both to carve and to eat from and they’re well balanced by a handle with the smooth lines and classic shape I prefer. Add a hint of decoration at neck and stem so as not to distract from the beauty of the wood and either finish with a finial or leave the end clean.
Eating spoon with finial Eating spoon without finial
I like these spoons so much and I want them to be used so I’m offering them to readers of my blog at a special price. Use the buttons below to order, valid until 30th Jan 2015 (That gives you a chance to order for Christmas or use any money you receive for a gift for yourself. It’s also my Mum’s birthday so easy to remember).
Update:  Thanks to all the people who bought these spoons during the offer and to those of you who wrote to say how much you’re enjoying using them. These and my other handmade wooden spoons, for cooking and eating are still available – why not take a look?

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  1. David Fisher says:

    Beautiful spoons. A wonderful design executed brilliantly. Nice work.

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