National Meadow Day 2021 scythe training

I spent National Meadow Day 2021 in south Cumbria teaching a group some peening and scything improvers skills during a course organised by Arnside & Silverdale AONB and Plantlife. Several of the group had previously attended my Learn to Scythe course so it was great to see them again and know that they’re still enjoying working with the scythe.
We focussed the morning of peening the scythe blade to refine the edge for optimum sharpness. Recently I’ve been showing my students how, rather than a simple maintenance operation, peening is used to improve the cutting of their scythe for even easier cutting.
If you’d like to learn to peen your scythe for super sharpness, I am leading a peening workshop at Slaidburn in Lancashire on 8th Oct 2021 – please email me for details.

After lots of hammering and sharpening of the edge, we went out into the meadow and cut a huge amount of grass. Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Lesley, the meadow owner, are hoping to form a scything group to assist each other with work in the future – if you’re interested, you can contact Helen Rawlinson


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