Midsummer Mowing

It’s gloriously sunny in Kendal and the longest day so no excuse for not going out to cut some grass. Actually, my excuse is that I’ve got a little job mowing a wildflower bank in one of the gardens here which is an absolute pleasure to do, especially since it’s just a short walk from home.
wildflower garden
The owner contacted me last year after getting my details from the Cumbria Wildlife Trust and hoped I could cope with their bank which is too steep for the lawnmower and awkward with other tools but perfect for the scythe. Working on a slope like this I lowered both handgrips for more comfort and mowed at an angle to the gradient – you can see the direction from my windrows. Twenty minutes to mow and thirty-five to clear away the grass but why hurry when the work is this much fun?
mowing wildflower garden scythe wildflower garden

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