Learning to Scythe on Countrywise

For any of you who missed it or would like to see it again, here is my appearance with Paul Heiney on the ITV Countrywise programme.
I’m pleased with how it turned out and think I managed to put my points across pretty well. Paul had a few attempts at his parts but I didn’t get any advance notice of what the questions would be or a chance to re-record what I said so it’s all off the cuff.
Watching it myself it’s interesting to see that Paul, like a lot of folk, expected it to be easy to use a scythe and the production team turned down my offer to spend some time teaching him how to scythe properly. Instead I had just a few minutes to show him the principles of the movement and I was actually quite pleased with his progress. During my Learn to Scythe courses, I make sure you have plenty of mowing time when I can watch and adjust your technique. Just like Paul, you won’t be an expert by the end of the day but you’ll have all the skills and knowledge you need to practise on your own and enjoy the process of improving your technique.

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