Learning to scythe a wildflower meadow in Manchester

Learn to scythe Manchester
I was very excited to be teaching my latest Learn to Scythe course as the venue was Hullard Park in Trafford, Manchester just 10 minutes from my new home.
Learn to scythe Manchester
Lots of people have asked why I moved to the city and assume that it’s all concrete but there are actually lots of green spaces around and brilliant communities of actively engaged people looking after them.
Scything at Hullard Park Manchester
The wildflower meadow at Hullard Park has been a bit neglected for the last couple of years so it was tangled in places but with loads of plant species in there I’m confident that it will soon become a beautiful meadow. I’ll be getting involved as a volunteer as well as teaching people how to scythe and hopefully we’ll start to make hay from the meadow in the future
Learn to scythe Manchester Learn to scythe Manchester
Many thanks to Polly for organising the day and everyone who attended.

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  1. Fetler says:

    I think what you are doing down in Manchester is really inspiring. It is great to see urban green spaces actively managed for both people and wildlife, especially without the use of fossil fuels. Scything is such a wonderful exercise for both body and mind. Exercise in the open air, meditation, wildlife benefits and a worthwhile civic task completed. More power to all you volunteers.

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