Learn to Scythe feedback – "I loved every minute"

Learn to scythe Cumbria Wildlife Trust
It is such a pleasure to spend the summer travelling around the UK to wonderful meadows and meeting lovely people who want to learn how to scythe. I get lots of great feedback in the form of comments on the day and photos of people mowing their own land after the course. I thought I would just share this note from a participant on a recent course I taught for Cumbria Wildlife Trust which also shows you’re never to old to learn and that the scythe is suitable for all ages.
Learn scything feedback

“What an enjoyable day this was. The tutor was the best I have had at any other course. He had the knack of giving knowledge in a very pleasant manner and I finished the day feeling I knew all I needed to, in order to complete my wish to scythe – once I had practised of course all the techniques so expertly shown. Because of my age (80 years) my family thought I would suffer with aches and pains but this was not the case at all. I loved every minute.”

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