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Scythe course studentsIt was hot, hot, hot in Cumbria this weekend – gorgeous weather to be out learning to scythe and that’s just what we were doing on my latest course. I love teaching folk to use the scythe and we’re lucky to have the orchard at Sprint Mill as such an ideal setting. Now that we’ve mown the grass there three or four times, the sward is really clean and obstacle free so it’s perfect for beginners wanting to learn to mow.
It’s always interesting to meet people and find out why they want to learn to scythe and this course was no exception. Maria travelled over from Northern Ireland to learn to scythe so she can control some rushes on her meadows. I think her strong, confident scything will make short work of them, while Ali wanted a lighter tool than the strimmer for weeding between her newly planted woodland areas. Pete is a regular member of the nw scythe group and came over from the north-east for a refresher. I worked with him on improving the quality of his cut and made some adjustments to the setup of his scythe.
The next course in Cumbria is 30 June so if you’d like to come and get scything yourself, drop me an email to steve-tomlin@hotmail.co.uk.
Maria scything Ali sharpening the scythe

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  2. Ali Lloyd says:

    Thank you Steve for a great introduction to scything and a lovely day at Sprint. Your enthusiasm and dedication to scything are infectious – I look forward to many contemplative hours of mowing. Ali

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