Learn to Scythe book

Learn to Scythe book cover
If youve taken part in No Mow May 2024 or are interested in creating a wildflower meadow, you may be thinking about buying an Austrian scythe.

I always recommend that people attend a scythe workshop to learn the best way to sharpen and use a scythe. However, sometimes that isn’t possible so my Learn to Scythe book is a good option. It covers all the techniques from my scything courses and makes a great reference.


  • Introducing the scythe
  • Mowing words
  • Choice of blade
  • Setting up your scythe
  • Ergonomic mowing
  • Honing the edge
  • Peening Continental scythe blades
  • Organising your mowing
  • Scythe safety
  • Looking after your scythe

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