Ladderback rocking chair

A couple of photos from a rocking chair commission I’ve been working on. This is a ladderback style chair made of ash from the Edenhall Estate near Penrith with specially narrow slats to lighten the effect of the frame.
For this chair the customer has requested a rush pattern seat in real rushes. I would normally recommend the use of paper rush for this kind of seat since it’s becoming quite difficult to source good natural rushes and they are more time-consuming to weave. Fortunately I’ve got a couple of bolts of rush that I cut down in Somerset with Linda Lemieux from Devon so I’ll be weaving them over the next week.
Ladderback rocking chair frame  rocking chair detail

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0 Responses to Ladderback rocking chair

  1. David Stovell says:

    Nice chair Steve, elegant.

  2. this is a gorgeous piece, Mr. Tomlin. So elegant as david notes above. very graceful. I missed how you joined the legs to the rockers. Looks like a bridle joint. will you draw-bore pin them?
    Gosh the more I look at it the more I want to experiment with green wood working. Thank you for posting!

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