International Peening Day 2022

Can you believe it’s the 10th anniversary of International Peening Day already? Although I’m still waiting for someone to make an official range of merch, it’s been brilliant to watch the idea take off since I started it in 2012. More and more local events are happening with scythers meeting to share skills and sharpen their blades ready for the season while eating cake.


This year, IPD officially takes place on 3rd April 2022. Rembember that it’s an ‘everywhere event’ meaning that, if there’s just you and some friends sharing knowledge or even just you and the cat, it’s still officially part of the celebration.

Check out the blog post from the historic 1st International Peening Day in Cumbria. Here’s to another decade of scything and peening.

peening an Austrian scythe peening a scythe

International Peening Day



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