International Peening Day 2015

Can you feel the excitement and anticipation in the air? Though many parts of the world are still under snow or just heading into winter, the appearance of wild crocuses as I walk to work can only mean one thing: it’s almost time for International Peening Day on Sunday 5th April 2015!
This is the day to bring your scythe out of the shed, clean it off and sharpen it ready for the mowing season to come (or put it to bed following the summer, for our Southern Hemisphere friends – hi Marshall!) Peening is the process of hammering the blade to lower the angle of the cutting edge, a skill that is almost unique to scythes. If you’re new to scything, this can be a daunting proposition so International Peening Day is an opportunity to learn together, get help from more experienced mowers and connect with other scythespeople in your area. Feel free to organise your own local event or just peen on your own, if you prefer.
Scythe peening Scythe peening
Feel free to send me photos of youself with your hammer and blades.

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