International Peening Day 2015

Sunday is International Peening Day, the global day for maintaining and sharpening your scythe so it’s in tip-top condition for mowing. Whether you peen using the jig or freehand peen on an anvil, it’s a day to connect with other mowers, share your experience and talk plans and tales of scything, haymaking and land management.
Please send me any photos you take of your peening and use #learntoscythe and #PeeningDay if you’re posting on social media.
scythe peening with jig scythe peening with jig freehand scythe peening on anvil
Here’s a few events being organised by friends of mine over the weekend. There’s sure to be more that I don’t know about and, if you can’t find one near you, call up some of the mowers in your own area and organise an event. I’ll be peening in Cumbria, getting ready some vintage blades I bought last summer.

  • Richard Brown  Saturday 4th  in Norfolk, PE34 4PL, UK. is offering free advice on mowing, peening or scythe set up. Lush sections of my wild flower meadow and lawns available to mow. richardjbrown556[at]
  • Botan Anderson and Andy Greybeal of One Scythe Revolution are hosting events in Coolsville, Ohio and Hastings, Minnesota, USA. Details on the website
  • Sarah Robinson from the Forest of Bowland Hay Time project and friends are meeting at the beautiful Bell Sykes Farm, Slaidburn, Lancashire, UK at 2pm Contact Peter Blackwell on 01200 446609
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