Cherry salad servers

handcarved wooden salad servers

New salad servers ready for the summer! I’ve been using some of the lockdown time to work on my tiny back garden. It’s mostly flagstones but I’ve built a small raised bed along one wall and have got herbs and salads growing which is super exciting. It lead me to think about making some salad sets so here they are.

The ebonised handles is something I do a lot on my stirring spoons and works really well with the cherry wood so you get the red wood colour coming through the black. I also decided to experiment with some pyrography after seeing some Japanese tattoos. The cherry blossom seems fitting for the cherry wood. Which do you prefer, let me know in the comments.

Pyrographed salad servers

These are for sale now in my etsy store. I’ve only made these few so don’t delay if you want a set.Steve Tomlin Crafts Etsy shop

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