Belbroughton scythe history talk 2021

For those of you interested in the English scythe and it’s history, you won’t want to miss this talk on 11 Feb 2021 about the Belbroughton scythe making industry.
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The Rise and Fall of Belbroughton’s Scythemaking Industry

Today Belbroughton, north Worcestershire, is an attractive, red brick village with little sign that for several hundred years it was known for the manufacture of high-quality scythes. In this talk, Sarah Bradley discusses the development of this industry, which reached its peak in the nineteenth century and employed highly-skilled craftsmen, and traces its decline in the twentieth century, with the works closing in 1968. The talk concludes with a short film from 1955, showing the scythe-making process, which had little changed for over a hundred years.

This talk will be delivered via Zoom. Once registered a separate email will follow with a link to access meeting details (you will asked to sign in). If you do not already have an Eventbrite account you will be asked to register

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