Baling the hay

On thursday Paul & Grace put in a heroic effort, manning the baler through the heat and putting out a massive 50 bales while Kirsten & I continued to spread and turn the grass cut on tuesday.
hand baling hay hand made hay
Sarah ThomasWhile we worked we were visited by Sarah Thomas who is making A Journey on Foot for Penguin books, walking and camping for 2 months and recording meetings, thoughts and whatever else her path crosses. As we continued baling she interviewed us about the hay making, the community spirit of life at Sprint Mill and our attachments to the land. She even pitched in and made a couple of bales before picking up her rucksack and wandering on.
Finally, we put tuesdays hay into stooks to stop it getting wet from the dew before quenching our thirst and toasting the days efforts.
hand hay making

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