Back from the Bodgers Ball 2011

The Bodger’s Ball was a great weekend; plenty of interesting demos, folk to talk to and time for to relax with a beer. A wonderful setting too at Lower Brockhampton in Herefordshire. Too many things to write now so here’s just a few highlights.

Watching Andy Hayes hewing timbers for a traditional aisled building and talking to him about the french system of apprenticeship and his hopes of establishing something similar within the Association of Pole-lathe Turners.
Sean Hellman with fan bird Sean Hellman carving a beautiful fan bird to win the half-hour challenge while also entertaining his audience in his own inimitable style.
The crosscut saw challenge with Matt Jarvis looking very serious and Dan acting as official timekeeper and log holdfast. I’ve been collecting up old saws, including a 5ft crosscut, for years and learning how to sharpen them. It’s great to find out that other’s have been doing the same.
The ash grows well in Herefordshire and there were plenty of straight clean lengths available for demos and racing. We don’t have such good ash in Cumbria so I took the opportunity to split a log and shave it into rake heads. Thanks to Mark Allery for letting me use his kit.
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