Awesome scything in Liverpool

Learn to scythe Liverpool
Last week I was in at Sefton near Liverpool, teaching another urban Learn to Scythe course for Sustrans. This project is developing an area of cycle path at the start of the Trans Pennine Trail to convert an area into a community wildflower garden.
Trans Pennine Trail
The site was a daunting mix of brambles, thistles and himalayan balsam growing along a busy cycle path. Nonetheless, I was confident that the scythe could tame it and set about showing the two Johns how to use the scythe is different ways for the difficult vegetation.
scything thistles scything himalayan balsam
The safe nature of the scythe meant we didn’t have to close the cycle path while we worked and there was plenty of interest from passing cyclists and locals. The results of their efforts were amazing to see.
scythes in Liverpool
John Callaghan, the project leader later wrote to me:

I have to admit I’ve had some concerns about the project and the amount of work that is needed at the site… I could never have imagined that buying two scythes and receiving the training you have provided would allow me to realise that the project is fully achievable and well within reach even with minimal interaction of other volunteers.  The scythe is an awesome tool.

Visit  to find out more about the project and get involved. If you have your own project where you think scything could help, get in contact with me to arrange a training course:
Sustrans scythes

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