Ash splint backpack video

Another beautiful film about weaving ash splint baskets, this time featuring Jamin Uticone of Swamp Road Baskets. I love hearing him talk about the trees he uses, his trading and the minimal impact his craft has on the forest. It’s wonderful to watch him working and marvel at the beautiful material he has available.
Ash splint backpacks UK

Watching it is inspiring me to weave up some pack baskets of my own, like this pair I made last year, more photos here. Watch this space for news of those and some other baskets which I’ll have for sale soon.

If you’re feeling inspired yourself, why not book onto one of the ash splint basket making courses I am teaching in 2018? You’ll learn how to source and pound your own splints and weave them into a lightweight, strong basket.

The next date is 17-18 March 2018, book directly with Yurt Works, Cornwall

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  1. What a beautiful process and object, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve watched most of the other Woodlanders videos but for some reason missed this one. What a treat!

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