Limited edition spoons

Splitting open a log is always exciting for me. Everything I make starts with the log and that moment when I see it’s texture, how straight the grain is and its colour. The colours in this current piece of cherry timber which I’m working is some the best I’ve ever had. Cherry is always beautiful with pinks intermingled in the heartwood and shown off by the contrasting cream sapwood. In addition, this cherry has a distinct green streak through it as well as gorgeous flecking.
Currently, I have the following spoons available from this special timber:

Carved wooden eating spoon
Cherry tasting spoon 1
£35 Sold
Carved wooden eating spoon
Cherry tasting spoon 2
Carved wooden scoops
Cherry scoop
£18 Small Buy Now Button

Unfortunately, it’s in limited supply so all of the spoons I carve from it will be limited editions. Once it’s finished, I’ve some good sycamore to start which I’m sure will have it’s own beauty, but not these amazing colours.

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  1. bodger981 says:

    Steve Pity your not closer. We have a branch from a 60 odd year old apple tree. Full of reds and shades of mauve and purple. X

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