Winter break

Life is seasonal and happily so is my work schedule.
While the rest of the year are full with shows, courses and scythes, the winter period especially after Christmas is a time when I can make my plans for the year ahead but also try out some of the ideas I didn’t get round to during the rest of the year, experiment with things and inspire myself anew.
One of my plans involves quite a bit of pole-lathe turning, something I’ve always done but never mastered to my satisfaction. So I spent part of Christmas day grinding my turning tools on the Tormek figuring that having everything in tip-top condition would make the process go that bit easier and I’ve a nice soft birch log waiting in the workshop to work with them. And once the grinder’s out and working, you might as well do everything.
Grinding tools on the Tormek

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  1. Miles Thompson says:

    Hi Steve,
    Just saw that you mow with a scythe. English-style (bent, curved shaft, short handles) or Austrian style (straight shaft, straight and angled handles). Have you a preference and why?
    I’ve had an English style scythe for years, and can never seem to get it to work correctly, or to cut well.
    I’m in Nova Scotia, we’re about to get 30~40 cm of snow dumped on us, to be talking about scythes is a little out of season.
    Cheers – Miles

    • Steve Tomlin says:

      hi Miles,
      Talking about scythes is never out of season. I use an Austrian scythe; they’re lighter, better made compared to modern ‘English pattern’ scythes, simple to adjust and there’s more choice of blades available.
      Your English scythe, assuming you’ve got it sharp, is probably just not set up for your build so it’s always going to feel awkward. Try to get hold of Peter Vido, based in New Brunswick, who runs, and can point you in the direction of a good setup.

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